There is more joy available for you and your partner than you ever imagined

Thanks for coming to our page. We know that you came for a reason and that it is probably about your relationship. Our lives have been about helping people like you look at your relationship and try to figure out not only how to save it or even how to make it better, but how to make it extraordinary. You see, we have been working on that very ourselves for more than 40 years. We actually became a couple while trying to learn about couples. We are clinical psychologists who met years ago in one of the leading national programs that trains couples therapists. Imagine, we met and became a couple while working on helping couples. We got excited about couples we were working with and learned a lot about how to be in an exceptional relationship for a long time ourselves. Since that time many years ago, we have worked with hundreds of people in relationships, written books and articles, done research, and trained a ton of other therapists. We hope what we have learned will be of help to you in particular. What we know is simple but not easy. Use us and this site however it is most helpful. After all, that is out greatest wish for you. There IS more available to you in your relationship than you ever thought possible and we would like to help you find that!

Drs. Phyllis and Peter

Drs Peter & Phyllis

" We appreciate your time and efforts. We seem to be working more towards the same goals and working together. Your program has been an amazing experience and opportunity. ..that helped us save our marriage. Thank you!!!! "

- 2013 participants in Couple Power Program

"Peter and Phyllis powerfully demonstrate the synergy they experience in being related; they share it with clarity and grace."

- Past-president, Unity Church, Charlottesville, VA

"I found the workshop very exciting. It draws on the power of healthy couples learning and growing together."

- Lee Hersch, PhD, Past President, Virginia Psychological Association

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Case Study #1

Michael and Amy had been married for 30 years and had two grown children living on their own.  They moved to a new city and were ready to start developing careers in their new hometown.  Amy had recently completed her doctorate and was looking for a job in the area with little success.  Michael was consulting regularly with a local business consulting agency about expanding his business but had not made any progress.  Both of them were frustrated and stressed.  They weren’t enjoying their evenings or free time together because they were always worrying about their individual endeavors.

Case Study #2

Roberta and Charles had been married for just a few months when Roberta became resentful of Charles not helping out more around their new home together.  They went for counseling together and were guided to talk to each other as partners seeking to accomplish the same goal. Then they were told to think about what it was they might ask each other to do that, if accomplished, would make them happier in their relationship.

They realized that they both had things they wanted from each other but did not feel comfortable asking for them.

Case Study #3

Rick and Laura got married in their thirties. He had been married before and she had a long-term relationship of over ten years. They had broken up with their partners because they felt “trapped” by their relationships and their circumstances. Laura and RIck met at an outdoor club meeting. They were each fiercely independent and loved the freedom of being outdoors.  Rick had a small cottage that had been in his family for years. It was in the forest by a stream. They moved in together and made a home for themselves. They loved it there. Rick was a free-lance writer and Laura was a nurse. Things seemed perfect.

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