Couple Power Workshops

Imagine being part of a supportive, trusting community of couples.  You can do this by being in one of our workshops.

Join a group of couples to work together on creating and fulfilling the possibility of lifelong love in your life. You will have the opportunity not only to address your problems, but also to create “Couple Power” ongoingly in your life.

Workshops will teach you how to go beyond your own limits and create a profoundly fulfilling relationship. Using the Four C’s of Commitment, Cooperation, Communication and Community, you will learn how to achieve and maintain the relationship you really want and how to make it last.

Virtually everyone dreams of being in a loving, passionate and successful relationship throughout their life. However, many obstacles – both cultural and personal – exist that
thwart and even undermine your attempts to create and maintain a truly satisfying relationship over time. These workshops address the obstacles that couples face and
provide ways to overcome them.

Workshops are half-day, whole day or a weekend.  They may be in our offices in Charlottesville, Virginia or in your home town.  Call us for more information or for scheduling.  Current workshops will be posted on our Home Page.

couples workshop

Workshops will include: 

  • the eight basic principles of creating a lifelong fulfilling relationship
  • the Four C's for achieving Couple Power
  • a new language for creating visions for your relationship
  • understanding that there is more to a relationship than good communication skills
  • the basics of Couple Power techniques
  • instruction in designing rituals and practices to empower lifelong love
  • fun, informative and educational experiences to enhance your relationship on a daily basis!

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