Organizational Coaching

Is your company or organization having trouble moving forward? Is there conflict among your staff?  Is there a breakdown in communication between you and your co-workers? Do you feel that there is a lack of a sense of community?

We would be happy to coach you and your organization on how to use our 4 C’s program in your business. Our work with couples easily translates to business. When you think about it, it’s easy to imagine that your business also operates as a partnership. The advice offered to couples to help improve harmony and efficiency also apply to business partnerships as well.

Your business or organization can benefit from running more like a committed relationship instead of a business on the verge of divorce. Over the years, we have had great success consulting with organizations both large and small. Our powerful tools for creating high performance and better communication work well for almost any team.

One organization we worked with experienced major conflicts regarding plans to change and reorganize. Some of the managers wanted to move the business in one direction yet others wanted an entirely different change. Their goal was the same, but the questions around how to achieve the goals were tearing them apart. We helped them to generate powerful common goal and commitment and years later, they are still benefitting from our work with them.

If your business or organization is experiencing challenges related to communication, goal setting, intentional growth, conflict resolution, employee motivation, and retention, we can certainly help.

Call us at 434-971-4701 to discuss the growth possibilities for your organization.