Intensive Work & Weekends

Are you feeling stuck or unhappy with your relationship? Want to get it resolved and move forward fast?  Now is the time to get going and handle it! If you're ready for this kind of accelerated work, an intensive is what you're looking for.

You only need a weekend or a few days to make real progress.

You might want to try an INTENSIVE.

Working intensively for a focused short period of time can create a powerful and lasting shift in a relationship. You can create a breakthrough and have a powerful impact in a brief intensive format for an area in your relationship where you and your partner feel stuck.

For example, maybe you and your partner constantly argue about the same things... or maybe something truly terrible just happened like an affair. When issues like this come up, couples greatly benefit from getting to the heart of the matter and working intensely on how to repair the relationship before things get worse.

Couples often spend two days and an evening together with Drs. Phyllis and Peter focusing on what is important now.  By the end of that time, you will experience a dramatic shift in your feelings, behavior, and perspective on your relationship.

People who have completed this kind of work with us say:

"We experienced immediate results."

"It's so powerful to be coached by another couple who understands the challenges of long-term relationships and really gets how to heal and grow after a period of a lot of pain."

"No one took sides in our discussion; working with Peter and Phyllis it was like they really got us and how hard it has been."

During the intensive time together, you and your partner will be guided through exercises that create immediate, powerful and lasting transformation. You should be prepared to work hard, though there are breaks for fun and dining throughout the intensive weekend in lovely downtown Charlottesville, VA.

Intensives can also be held in your own hometown by special arrangement. Fees are set on a couple by couple basis. Come by yourselves or participate with one or two other couples.

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