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In 1989 we saw the possibility of a community of committed couples supporting each other to maintain fulfilling relationships.  Together with a few other couples, we created Couples Coaching Couples (CCC) an international non-profit organization dedicated to “couples’ lives being profoundly fulfilling joyful, and fun” (Member Guidebook 1-1).

Since then, CCC has grown to include hundreds of couples around the country working to enrich the lives of committed couples everywhere.

Here is a description of the basic structure of Couples Coaching Couples from the current guidebook:

“Local or regional groups of couples, called Circles, meet quarterly to talk about their relationships and to support each other in designing and living the relationships they desire.  Within CCC Circles, each couple is paired with another couple. These quartets coach each other weekly for three months.  At the end of the coaching quarter, members gather in their Circle to reconnect, share experiences and learning, and be paired in new quartets.

In addition to weekly meetings in quartet and quarterly Circle meetings, each year, CCC members from across the United States gather in a convention for a unique experience of a couple community, or workshops and exercises that deepen our experience as couples and our skill as coaches, and to appreciate the potential of Couple Coaching to transform relationships everywhere…"

CCC is directed by Couples Coaching Couples, Inc., a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization led by a Board of Directors composed of CCC members.  The Board oversees rules and policies, provides support and materials to the Circles, and maintains the infrastructure to connect the Circles into a larger community…

More information for prospective members can be found on our couples coaching couples website.

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