14 Ways To Bring More Couple Time To Your Marriage During COVID-19

Couple on a covid-19 date together having coffee.

Here’s how to make your couple time safe and fun! In his book, Eight Dates, psychologist John Gottman says that “the best way to cherish each other is to make relationship a priority. Give it time, give it attention, and be intentional about the life you’re creating with each other.” A great way to do…

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What You Can Learn From Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Her Husband Martin About How To Make Your Marriage Work

Peter Sheras and Phyllis Koch-Sheras

How Couples Can Support Each Other’s Greatness: The Example Of RBG Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a shining example of outstanding professional achievement and contribution. What is not often highlighted is how her marriage and close relationship with her husband, Martin Ginsburg, enabled her to perform and succeed at such an extraordinary level. …

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What Is The Most Powerful Way To Make A Relationship Work, Really!

Couple spending time together learning about power as couple to make their relationship stronger.

Power Is Experiencing The Couple As One  You may remember the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? That whole has more power than either of the parts individually .A relationship or a couple is not just two people working together, it is its own entity. A third thing. You,…

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