The Secret To Handling Stress That Only The Happiest Couples Know

photo of couple smiling while looking at each other

Could things in your life be any more stressful than they are right now? We all need some help to deal with the overwhelming amount of fear, pain, disappointment, dread, fatigue and stress in the world now. It is hard to know where to start. When feeling overwhelmed, the most important first step is to reach out…

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How Happy Couples Make Happy People, And Not The Other Way Around

happy senior couple in love with bunch of fresh flowers in nature

This article originally was published at Your Tango. From early on, we’ve been taught, “Happy people make happy couples.” The common wisdom regarding the development of a happy relationship is that you need to be happy as an individual to begin with, and that it’s necessary to work on your own happiness first if you want to have a…

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The 4 C’s Of Couple Power That Can Shift Any Relationship Into Overdrive

This article originally was published at Your Tango. What does it take to be a power couple? Many scientists and practitioners over the years have talked about the major factors that enhance feelings of love and intimacy as well as those things that detract from positive functioning and interaction. John Gottman, John Gray, Sue Johnson,…

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Helpful Strategies For Dealing With A Breakup & Moving On

Moving on after a breakup.

Your relationship has broken up and you no longer have the regular experience of being with your ex-partner. It may have been a lot of things, but it likely took up a lot of your time. Regardless of the emotional state you are in regarding the reasons for your breakup, there is now some space…

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Why Does It Seem Like My Husband Has A Hard Time Being Generous With Me?

Couple kissing after being generous with each other.

It might be hard for anyone to feel generous in these days of COVID-19 and political unrest. Feelings of anger and fear are close to the surface. It may be especially difficult to be giving and thoughtful toward your partner, who you likely interact with every day. The definition of being generous is  “liberal or…

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