My Husband Watches Porn. Is That A Problem?

Couple working on their marriage.

You may be concerned that your partner is watching porn and worry about how it impacts your sexual relationship and what it means about him or how he feels about you. This is a complicated issue, but more and more it is a common concern in relationships. Pornography is more readily available than ever on…

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How To Survive A Long-Distance Relationship & Thrive

Couple kissing goodbye trying to survive long distance relationship.

It’s hard enough to keep a relationship going and vital even when you are in the same place. It’s even harder when you are separated for long periods of time or distance, as often needs to be the case. You may miss having your partner there to share in your life. You may also feel…

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What Can I Do When I Am Unhappy In My Relationship?

Couple unhappy in relationship- sitting on a couch.

In any relationship, there are times when we are not happy with our partner or how things are going. You can complain about it or blame yourself or your partner. Or you can use this as a sign that you need to stop and take a look at what’s going on in yourself and in…

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